Damnation or Performing Mistakes, documentation

Three dancers and one drummer would perform in front of a projection. The projection is of a pair of hands practicing a song on the keyboard. There are mistakes, hesitations and pauses, the hands stop, go back to the beginning, start again. It is repetitive and relentless in its trying to play the song right. A dance is performed to this with all its mistakes choreographed in. The song being practiced is from the film Damnation by Hungarian director Bela Tarr.
It was first performed at Gallery Vilma Gold. Part of a Live Event that I curated with Phoebe Blatton. It was also the launch of Restoration, Issue 5 of The Coelacanth Journal.
Dancers are Lauren Bridle, Miki Hoe, Alice Theobald. Drummer is John Wilson. Photos courtesy of Mimei Thompson.